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"When I meet new people I like to listen to their life story and professional background. Here is mine."

by Fedor Sendak

In 1975, I was born in Amsterdam. I grew up near the "cradle" bridge (Wiegbrug) raised with an elder sister by parents who are both sculptors. My first steps into performance arts were made when in the 80's. My nuclear family was participating in 'Dogtroep,' a nomadic theatre company composed of artists from various countries with backgrounds in different disciplines. My sister and I participated as young performers and meanwhile became absorbed by the magical, surrealist performances of the group. Joining their European tours we played in the streets and on location in France, Austria and Germany. I was 9 years of age and playing the trumpet everywhere I went. 

A few years later I continued acting in a theatre group for children run by Willem Versteeg at Circus Elleboog. We were selected to play a professional guest role in "Sombermans' Actie" by Het Werktheater in 1985. That same year I discovered my father's 8mm editing set in the attic. Instantly I became intriged by the possibilities of manipulating time within audiovisual footage. 

The first time I walked onto a professional film set was in 1986, at the age of 11. Guido Pieters directed the Dutch feature film "The Good Hope" and gave me a minor part in the film as "Pietje" (Pete). We recorded scenes in the renowned Pinewood Studios in London and it was there, in the James Bond hangar that I recorded a first short film with my fellow actor (and Dutch film star) Danny de Munk. In between I had a few small appearances on TV and radio in other productions and shows. 

During the years after, my acting 'career' slowed down, as I preferred being behind the camera. I participated in various video workshops and by 1996, I studied directing fiction film in Brussels (Belgium). In 2003 I graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy (directing fiction) and was part of a broad European Network of Youth Cinema. I joined the Berlinale talent campus and 4 years later I became a full member of the Dutch Directors Guild. 
My participation in international events and festivals made me discover my love for teaching.

In 2016 I received my master's degree at the Master of Film in Amsterdam. Ever since, I have been focused on (teaching) idea development, creativity, acting and directing.

Published on February 23rd, 2017