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A charming woman in a town in Santander (Colombia), has made her career as an optician during her husband's absence; he used to work in a remote silver mine but has disappeared mysteriously years ago. The town's population thinks he must have died, but does not mention this to her. When her assistant, a young man who has been desperately in love with her for over a year, understands that the shadow of her husband still looms over her, and eventually discovers her true secret. He tries to help her finally escape what had been a dreadful marriage. Can he change her life?


“Gradually appeared the outlines of a head, a face, eyebrows. Trembling, the boy approached her. He came close to her face, but hesitated. Looking at her motionless eyes and parted lips, one could hardly know whether she was asleep or awake. She was beautiful.”

Screenplay:                Fedor Sendak

Idea/Story:                 Fedor Sendak with Luuk van Huët

Duration:                      25/50 minutes

Photo/video credits:
Front video by: Eric Letourneau on Vimeo 

Background video: "Puerto Valdivia Antioquia" by Wash587 (YouTube)

NB: The audiovisual material on this page is coming from independent productions by other filmmakers. The videos are merely shown for inspirational purposes.