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Curriculum Vitae

Name:                 Fedor Sendak
             founder, filmmaker, teacher
Place of Birth:   Amsterdam

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BA Film Directing (Netherlands Film Academy), Propedeuse Beeldende Kunsten Film; Sint-Lukas Hogeschool Brussel. MA Master of Film (Netherlands Film Academy), and various international acting and directing workshops.

Short Biography:
Fedor Sendak (Amsterdam, 1975) has a keen interest in exotic film stories. He develops screenplays and film plans, short and feature length. In 2013 he initiated a workshop about the creative cooperation between actors and directors, a program that is now taught in several countries. He graduated as a fiction director from the The Netherlands Film and Television Academy in 2003 and in 2016 he received his Master of Arts (MA Film). With a background in illustration, photography and theatre, he has worked for film festivals and networks. He is the co-founder and owner of an online platform for the Dutch film industry (Filmpeople), has been a board member of NISI MASA (European Network of Youth Cinema) and has been a full member of the Dutch Directors Guild since 2007.

Worked for:
Metropolis (Colombia), Future Shorts, NISI MASA, Filmnetwerk Foundation, MeccaPANZA, Warner & Consorten, Cinedans, Shadow Documentary Filmfestival, Filmpeople.

Memorable Teachers:
Harry Kümel, Gerrard Verhage, Marcelle Meuleman, John Murat, Ernie Tee, Ruud Schuitemaker, Ruben Bloemgarten, Willem de Greef, Frans Anzion, Bridget Panet, Judith Weston, David Mamet, Mark Travis, Belcampo, Warner van Wely, Lino Hellings.