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Two close friends, Dutch middle-aged women, decide to escape their boorish fellow travellers during an all too meticulously organised orca tour in Iceland. Once on their own, they get lost in the country's fabulous volcanic nature. Mysterious incidents and magical experiences confront them with their mutual physical, emotional and sexual needs. For the first time since their long gone adolescent years, they have entered a new and exciting phase of metamorphosis. Can they take advantage of it?

“Twilight set in, but while laughing we drove further. We arrived in a dense forest. Only after some 60 minutes it dawned to us that we got lost. Fortunately, I saw a little house in the distance, it looked to be a ruin.”

Screenplay:         Fedor Sendak

Concept:              Fedor Sendak with Luuk van Huët

Duration:              25/50 minutes

Photo/video credits:
Front video: "Menopause Man" by .:julia.taylor.rondeau:. on Vimeo 

Background video: "Geyser Eruption at Geysir, Iceland " by slbrownhk on YouTube

The audiovisual material on this page is coming from independent productions by other filmmakers. These videos are merely shown 0n this page for inspirational purposes.