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When the Swedish extreme sports celebrity Lars arrives back home after a dangerous adventure abroad, his physical condition and character seem to have changed. A near de
ath experience made him into a remarkably different person: he has become politically aware. The change is so hard to take for himself, his friends, fundraisers, fans and beloved, that he is driven to perform one final stunt, allegedly to make a strong political statement. But what are his real motives?


“How hard remembering is and how easy forgetting all over again. You memorise one thing, and then remember something entirely different. Memory makes me see the gaps.”

Screenplay:                  Fedor Sendak

Idea Development:     Fedor Sendak with Luuk van Huët

Producer:                      DPI

Photo/video credits:
Front video: "Sense of Flying" by STAVFEL PRODUKTION on Vimeo 

Background video: "Crazy Wingsuit Flight -- Man Lands on Water Without Parachute?" by World Of Wingman on YouTube

The audiovisual material on this page is coming from independent productions by other filmmakers. The videos are merely shown for inspirational purposes.