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Currently FEDSAK offers the following lectures/presentations:

Creative cooperation between actors and directors
45 to 60 minutes including 25 minutes of video

Questions and doubt applied to filmmaking
25 minutes, including slideshow/visuals

3) THE TASTE OF GLUTTONY by Fedor Sendak
Practical sides of dealing with peaks in inspiration.
25 minutes, including slideshow/visuals

Exploring a multisensoric presentation format for film ideas.
25 minutes, including slideshow/visuals

In Development:

Lecture 1.

Shortcuts to Spontaneity

creative cooperation between actors and directors

The use of spontaneity in film acting is often misunderstood. During this lecture we take a look at what extraordinary activities acting and directing are. They are an inseparable pair; even without a director present, actors are still directed, albeit by themselves, being material, creator and tool at the same time. Actors have learned to deal with certain problems of creativity in unique ways, and the specific creative insights of acting professionals has significance beyond acting. Taking a closer look at widely practiced techniques, we may understand why true emotions and creativity can not be planned, and by its nature, spontaneity never occurs on demand. Both filmmakers and actors have to work around that essential paradox: the harder we try, the less spontaneity we get. 

45 to 60 minutes - including 25 minutes of video material

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Lecture 2.

The Question As A Tool

Exploring a practice of creative questioning

In what ways does a filmmaker benefit from limitless questioning? During this presentation we look at what happens if we start filmmaking with our mind wide open. When we practice deliberate doubt, we question all we know about cinema and filmmaking, as if we are novices. During the 'questioning adventure' we see our inner feelings of inspiration as a compass. Questions will also be asked practically, by doing rather than by thinking. Applying both practical and theoretical questioning, we can change our way of making films, re-exploring light, sound, music, spoken text, gestures and more. Needless to say, a method of "questioning uncurbed" shows very diverse outcomes depending on the person that puts it into practice.

30 minutes.

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Lecture 3.

The Taste Of Gluttony

How to harvest ideas efficiently during moments of inspiration.

The lecture distinguishes 5 essential attitudes of the filmmaker while helping the complex process of filmmaking from scratch to screen. We look at inspiration, education, production and common obstacles of the creative maker. Once we are familiar with the five essential attitudes, we zoom in on the creative state and the available creative tools. A maker that ends up in a stream of ideas and creative abundance, needs to 'harvest' these efficiently by incorporating preparation and discipline. Creative inundation can benefit from forms of memory enhancement and in this context practical advice is offered exploring a case study where inventive ways of capturing ideas are explored.

30 minutes.

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Lecture 4.

Dethroning The Synopsis

Exploring a multi-sensory presentation format for film ideas.

Presenting a film plan with a synopsis only is like introducing a person by showing an x-ray of their body. While the x-ray reveals an image of a human being, it excludes information you need to get a real grasp of the person and get acquainted. It is common in the film industry today for a film plan to be presented merely by synopsis: a few lines of text to communicate what may become a fully fledged film. Yet we can imagine and work with a format that appeals to all the senses, doing more justice to what a film really is: and experience, including gestures, hair (and hairdo), bodily odour, skin type, muscles, breathing, voice and more. Filmmakers attending this lecture will learn about unconventional paths for film idea development and alternatives for presentation and pitching.

30 minutes.

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