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Some time in the near future an advanced but expensive system of universal healthcare collapses under its own weight. Against this backdrop, Frida works as a social worker in one of the omnipresent health insurance companies. She is updating digital 'health profiles' of the weak and elderly, but loses her job for helping clients beyond the set rules. An outspoken critic of harshened government policies, she joins an underground group to sabotage the system. To her dismay she discovers that lethal mistakes are made while trying to save people. Frida becomes deeply disillusioned with the group, but when governments policies get worse, she is compelled to swallow her resentment and rushes back to her friends. But how far will they have to go to save lives when initial strategies have proven useless?

Historical Context

For The Love Of Worms is a feature film dealing with potential future dangers of registration technology in the context of a corrupted health care system. The story is loosely inspired by a Dutch underground resistance movement in World War II, a group of artists and medical students who tried to save people from the extermination and forced labour machine of the Nazi’s. 

More information:
- Watch the video (left). It shows a short TV-item about the attack of the census register in Amsterdam 1943.  
- Read the First Godwin lecture by Hans de Zwart about today's relevance of the attack on Amsterdam’s census register in 1943.


Concept and Screenplay: Fedor Sendak
 - Thanks to: Gerdien Smit, Sara Zorandy, Lonneke Worm, Sara Alba, Josje van Erkel, Koen Limperg, Lucie Nijland, Lauro Alba, Marijke Hertog, Gerrit Oorthuys, Nadine Kuipers, Reinilde Jonkhout, Ernie Tee, Maarten van der ven, Bart Kuipers, Lotte Belice Baltussen, Elena Mosholova, Helen Westerik, Daan Gielis, Milo Rietvelt, Reinette van de Stadt, Melodi Oz and Luuk van Huët, Jannes Limperg, Cees Honig.


► "Dis:Placements 2014 Critical Diversity Studies - 17" by Shawn

► "compost worms" by crabchick (header picture)

► video about the attack of the census register 1943 by

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Ruben Bloemgarten