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A jittery female student of geology, arrives at a desolate island in Estonia, to work on her research - the impact of celestial bodies landing within the archipelago. She discovers an older man who lives like a hermit close to one of the geological sites. Getting acquainted with each other, the two feel a strong mutual attraction and can’t help but fall in love. But a delicate secret from their hidden past threatens their newfound bliss. Can they prevent an emotional breakdown?

"He climbed out from the cave and walked back home and sat down. He is okay now, playing chess against himself. Does he recognise me?"

Screenplay: Fedor Sendak

Idea/Story: Fedor Sendak with Luuk van Huët

Duration: 25/50 minutes

Photo/video credits:
Front video "RECOVERY" by Manami Maxted on Vimeo 

Background video: "Finland - a calm early summer morning" by coacheedee on YouTube

The audiovisual material on this page is coming from independent productions by other filmmakers. The videos are merely shown for inspirational purposes.