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This film is inspired by the legendary Ivar Vičs, an Amsterdam punk.
Against the backdrop of an Amsterdam in the early eighties, where squatters clash with riot cops, the artistically highly talented rebel Ivar experiments with a new kind of drug. His life slowly changes. The effects of the substance are so strong that his world starts to revolve around the use of it. Although initially his 'medical entertainment' brings him incredible creative inspiration and artistic freedom, eventually his genius gets blocked. Torn between creative outbursts and demanding mental episodes, Ivar loses himself. Will he be able to bend his fate while the universe seems to turn against him?

Historical Background
No Time For Clocks is a fiction film about legendary punk and graffiti artist Ivar Vičs (1960 - 1981). Famous under his tag name "Dr.Rat," Ivar Vičs was a prominent graffiti artist in Amsterdam during the 1970s. He was pioneering the graffiti movement in the Netherlands and played a major role in the early punk rock scene in Amsterdam. As a cult figure and an enfant terrible, Vičs was well-known for seeking out the extremities in life. However, his experiments with drugs lead to his untimely and tragic death. He is a legend and punk hero in Amsterdam and beyond.

LENGTH: 100 minutes

LANGUAGE: English / Dutch

GENRE: Underground, art house, thriller

MUSIC: Bernhard von Braun (...)

Artistic Approach

The film is built up like a collage: put together of bits and pieces of footage. Frays and edges are welcomed, mistakes and errors are cherished. The film's time editing concept is based on playing with chronology. The story line is purposely cut up, turned upside down and inside out. Flashbacks and flash-forwards will be intertwined with hallucinogenic episodes and memories. The film will not be shot in Amsterdam, but references to the Amsterdam punk scene of the late 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s will be many.

Screenplay: Fedor Sendak
Research: Gerdien Smit, Fedor Sendak

Narrative advice: Ernie Tee, Luuk van Huët

Photography model: Georgi Panayotov (as Dr.Rat)

Header picture: Arne Coomans "Eirie grafitti" on Flicker

Special thanks to:

Jet Vičs, Jutka Vičs, Juris Vičs, Martijn Haas, Brigit van Wensveen, Reint Schölvinck, Erik Hobijn, Monique van Schendelen, Gerard Pas, Cathrien Bos van Maanen and many more,