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This text briefly describes the artistic research trajectory that was developed at the Master of Film at the Netherlands Film Academy between 2012 and 2016 by Fedor Sendak. All workshops, lectures and film projects are rooted in the research. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to download the complete final report.

by Fedor Sendak

During my master studies, I investigated by abundant questioning*. The Netherlands Film Academy offers an MA program for artistic research in and through film**, and I took the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of filmmaking.

Combining my love for Socrates' elenctic method with an old dream of using Cartesian doubt to collect a personal set of fresh perspectives, the master’s seemed an excellent environment to rethink cinema. So I went off to 'reinvent the wheel,' for better or for worse.

My research plan was directed at the re-examination of all aspects of filmmaking as if from scratch. My goal was to find new ways of filmmaking by redefining its fundaments. I developed a long process to question key terms of filmmaking by asking questions systematically.

While coming from a practice of investigative reasoning, and having started my research within the framework, midway I switched to other, differently focused forms of questioning, for example by creating practical experiments. I explored the physical forms of investigation by zooming in on the acting craft, in particular on directing actors and understanding acting techniques. I later elaborated on the origin and nature of ideas and memory and tried to find out how a filmmaker can not only boost creative output, but also capture ideas efficiently.

Throughout my studies, I explicitly sought states of insecurity and doubt. It was not important at that stage if I was wrong, or what other people did not like or had said before. I hoped that the process of (re)invention, would yield a significantly better level of understanding for me, personally, which it has. The research did not end after the diploma. Experimenting and asking questions has become an essential part of my creative process. By teaching and presenting my own filmmaking method, I wish to contribute to the ongoing development of filmmaking and cinema.

*All workshops, lectures and current film projects are based on this research
** Link: Master of Film - study-programme 

Download Final Report
My Final Report (master thesis) "The Question As A Tool In Filmmaking" describes the start of the process of questioning and explores the possible limitations of asking questions in general. One of the quests is what the attitude of a filmmaker should be.
Downloas the Final Report here: "The Question As A Tool In Filmmaking